Free Live Webcam Websites You Can Watch Right Now

Most people nowadays have access to the internet and hence they can access webcams. However, one of the problems they face is knowing reliable webcam websites they can watch for free.

In fact, even if there are tons of free live webcam sites, it is not easy to know which one offers the best experience. This article will help you understand more about the best live cams so that you can access them in future:

International space station cam

You can hang out at ISS to watch live streams of the crew doing their thing and even watch stunning views of the earth.


This webcam is recommended to those who love exploration, students and future scientists although anyone can access the site.

Earth cam

You can check different live views from all over the world when you visit Erath cam site. The views ranges from relaxing beaches to scenic views, Time Square, different cities among other beautiful sceneries around the globe.

Aquarium cams

Vancouver Aquarium and Aquarium of the Pacific has several live cams that you can access to watch animals live. The animals can be playing or just relaxing in their exhibits.


With a wide range of animals to exhibit, Aquarium cams has a lot to offer including live videos of sharks, belugas, penguins and sea otters.

Real life cam

This is ideal for voyeurs. This live cam allows you to observe the private life of other people (who are fully aware) from all over the world. These videos are real-time i.e. they are live and the actions are happening as you are watching them.

Fog cam

This live cam claims to be the oldest webcam in the world. Fog cam allows people to view San Francisco since 1994. Therefore, if you would like to know more about San Francisco, Fog cam has a lot to offer every day.

 Las Vegas wedding chapel cam

Since most people go to Las Vegas for vacations and fun, this live cam at Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel allows you to watch couples getting wed. You can also watch Elvis themed weddings while using this live cam site. In fact, this site can be inspiring, educative and exciting because there are all kinds of drama as drunk couples get wedded.


Here, you can watch African wildlife gather at different waterholes live on cams.

 Drive Me Insane

If you love making fun or driving other people insane, this live webcam is good for you. The site features a live cam located inside a home and it has interactive components.


Using these interactive components, you can drive the residents insane by turning on lamps, music and even a disco ball!

 Cam cats

Using iPet companion, you can view different cat shelters using your webcam. The webcam has several interactive tools which you can use to play with the cats.

Bald eagles cam

You can use this live cam to watch Pittsburgh’s nesting bald eagles.

It is evident that there are numerous webcam websites you can watch right now regardless of where you are. Your choice is mainly determined by your tastes and preferences at the moment.