10 Tips for Hot Solo Sex

What’s the big taboo about solo sex anyway? Solo sex is fun, it’s a part of life and a surprisingly great stress reliever. Who knew? Some people think its dirty, some think its hot.

Wherever you happen to fall on the spectrum should you decide to indulge, we’ve put together 10 tips for you to have mind-blowing sex, with yourself. Get ready to dim the lights, draw the curtains and put your phone, or whatever else you want on vibrate.

Keep reading to learn ten ways to have hot solo sex.

1. Be prepared with all of your favorites toys oils and creams.
2. Set the mood and treat yourself the same as if you were preparing for sex with a partner.
3. Schedule a time so there are no unexpected interruptions or walk-ins.
4. Have your favorite candles or incense burning to set the mood.
5. Allow yourself to be fully immersed in the experience, don’t be shy.
6. Take the time to fully explore places on your body that you don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone else.
7. Don’t sell yourself short, let go of all inhibitions and worries and enjoy pleasing yourself.
8. Take time to admire your body in a full-length mirror and appreciate the sexy parts of yourself.
9. Be sure to keep a good stock of batteries on hand. Preparation is key and this is no time to run out to the drug store.
10. If you’re prone to making noise be sure that no one else can hear you. (Unless you’re trying to send a message to someone specific.)

Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to get started, we’ll leave the rest up to you. After all who knows what you like better than you?

Ready, set, moan!